About Us

About Us

Cloudtail India Private Limited is an online retailer, which sells variety of goods to customers in India through the online marketplace wwwamazon.in. Cloudtail offers over 6 lakh products across multiple categories like Books, Media, Apparel, Shoes, Furniture, Appliances, Consumables etc. and has buying relationships with brands across the world. Some of our products include Badminton Racquet, Cricket Bat, Swimming Goggles, Water Bottle, etc.

Cloudtail's parent company i.e. Prione Business Services Private Limited, is primarily engaged in the business of enabling Indian small and medium businesses (SMBs) to benefit from the fast-growing digital commerce space through awareness generation, training, consulting, advisory and value-added services like creation and management of Digital Catalogue and support in use of online tools. The services offered by Prione uplift capabilities of SMBs, which helps them, transform their earlier offline business to online. Prione is a joint venture between Catamaran and Amazon.
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Associate with us to get products from some of the most popular brands of the industry like Badminton Racquet, Cricket Bat

Customer Returns Inventory: This includes original branded products with minor physical damages incurred during transportation and warehousing. The inventory contains a mixture of all grades of inventory.

Excess Inventory: The unsold brand new products available from some of the best brands in the industry.